Citroen C3 1.4

Citroen C3 1.4  - rent a car Crna Gora

Vehicle details

Transmission Manual
Fuel Type Dizel


Number of days Price per day
1 - 3 Days 44 ‎€
4 - 6 Days 39 ‎€
7 - 14 Days 35 ‎€
15 - 30 Days 30 ‎€
Info! The rental price of this car depends on the number of days you rent the car
Info! If you want to rent a car for a longer period that is not covered by the basic price list, feel free to contact us to give you an adequate offer.

Terms of rental

  • 1. renting terms  
  • - minimum utilization period of these services is 24 hours.  
  • - every delay longer than 120 minutes when returning the vehicle is charged for the sum of a whole day renting.  
  • 2. driver information 
  • - minimum age of the driver is 22. 
  • - person who wants to rent a car must have at least 2 years old drivers license. 
  • - by the rules stated in the contract the lease holder cannot allow other people to use the vehicle without consent of the lessor. 
  • 3. fuel policy 
  • - vehicles are rented with a full tank of fuel and need to be returned with a full tank of fuel. 
  • - if not a locally determined refueling fee will apply. 
Info!This vehicle is available at all locations!

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