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Ford Transit  - rent a car Crna Gora

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Godina proizvodnje 2010
Mijenjač Manual
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Broj dana najma Cijena po danu
1 - 3 Days 80 ‎€
4 - 7 Days 70 ‎€
8 - 15 Days 60 ‎€
Info! Cijena najma ovog automobila zavisi od broja dana na koji iznajmljujete automobil.
Info!Ukoliko želite da iznajmite automobil na duži period koji nije pokriven osnovnim cijenovnikom, slobodno nas kontaktirajte kako bismo Vam dali adekvatnu ponudu.

Terms of rental

  • General terms and conditions
  • the vehicle can be rented for a period of minimum one day (24h)
  • after the agreed period the user can exceed rent-a-car service for 2h, after which we count it as a new day.
  • the driver must be at least 23 years old.
  • the driver’s license must be at least 3 years old.
  • this service is paid in advance, by cash or credit card, after signing the agreement on rent-a-car.
  • the deposit is obligatory (cash or credit card).
  • vat is included in the price.
  • the mileage is not limited for the territory of montenegro.
  • the user is obliged to return the vehicle with the fuel level as at the beginning, the fuel is not included in the price.
  • crossing the borders of montenegro is permitted only in case that it was so agreed in the contract.
  • traffic and parking penalties are the responsibility of the user.
  • the loss of the keys or documents is charged €500.
  • we offer special discounts for long term rentals.
  • the vehicle can be driven only by a person registered in the contract as the driver.
  • additional driver is charged 5€ per day.
  • insurance
  • insurance does not apply under these circumstances:
  • damage of tires, lower part of the car, windshield or the interior of the car;
  • damage of the vehicle due to the effects of alcohol, drugs or other narcotic substances;
  • damages of the car driven by the driver not possessing valid driver’s license, i.e. unauthorized driver.
  • the user will pay complete sum of the damages if they occurred under mentioned circumstances.
  • police report
  • police report is obligatory for all types of insurance.
  • if police report is not made, a complete sum of the damage or the theft will be charged from the user of the vehicle.
  • police report must be made also in cases when the user was not present at the moment when the damage was made.
  • accident, damage and theft of the vehicle
  • in case of accident, damage or theft of the car, the user is obligatory to proceed as follows:
  • to immediately notify the police and pg garage rent-a-car about the damage and to follow their instructions;
  • to record the data about other participants of the accident;
  • to submit a report about the damage when returning the car;
  • to give a brief statement in which he/she will present the causes and circumstances under which the damage occurred.
  • all mutual rights and obligations are regulated by the rental agreement which is signed when taking over the vehicle.
Info!This vehicle is available at all locations!

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